BOZEMAN, Mont. -

One Bozeman school broke ground on a major renovation project Sunday after winning a $500,000 grant.

"We're here kind of celebrating the fact that we're going to be moving forward with our infrastructure improvements that we've been ready to do for a long time and the money from that came from the Kohl's Cares grant that a lot of people in Bozeman were involved in," said Mt. Ellis Academy Principal Darren Wilkins.

Mt. Ellis Academy was one of over 200,000 schools across the country to receive votes in the Kohl's Cares contest. They finished ninth overall with 144,000 votes.

"For us it was just a huge David and Goliath story and we've got a huge amount of gratitude to this local community, because it started here. It became this kind of national phenomenon where we developed this save of support but it al really started here in Bozeman," Wilkins said.

Now they will begin a project that will replace the 110 year old school's sewage and water systems.

"Since we're old, our infrastructure is old and we've known for a while that we're kind of on borrowed time with our sewer system and water system. So we had an engineer plan to be able to move forward, but we had no money and so this opportunity came up," Wilkins said.

Only the top twenty schools won the Kohl's grant.