Over in the Flathead, a local nonprofit is hoping to prevent cat owners from having to deal with unwanted surprises. The Flathead Spay and Neuter Task Force is reaching out with a special promotion geared toward low-income pet owners.

Thanks to a grant, they?ll be giving out 10 dollar spays for the first 100 cats brought to their clinic. The group?s president says spaying cats can help keep the population at local shelters down and cats off the streets.

?Those kittens, when they?re born, they?re displacing five or six adult cats that are already looking for homes, and with our economy, so many people are moving and they can?t take the animals with them and it?s a huge hardship for the shelters,? said Mimi Beadles.

The task force is looking to spay cats between six weeks and six months old. If you would like to take advantage of the deal or get your dog or cat altered, you can call the group?s clinic at 881-4500.