"Anywhere you look, from the prairies to the peaks you have the equivalent of a Christmas card," said Governor Brian Schweitzer, "Every place across Montana you can breathe the air, drink the water, and we have the greatest wildlife anywhere on the planet."

Governor Schweitzer is gearing up to promote all things Montana in the heart of New York City.

"We have a dozen of these big rigs," he explained, "these semis with huge murals of Montana along the side and those big rigs deliver just within the city of New York City so they'll be promoting Montana in a unique way."

It's all part of a marketing campaign to get more tourists to visit Montana and to see what The Last Best Place is all about.

"You don't have to bribe everyone to get from Point A to Point B and all the people are very friendly," he says, joking about the residents in the tri-state area, "You're not going to hear 'Yeah, whatever' in Montana at all. You'll hear 'You betcha."

Schweitzer also spoke with Glacier Park Fund executive director Jane Ratzlaff, who presented him with Billy Bowman goat mascots to hand out alongside other Montana Made products. She hopes to spark interest in the wildlife and scenic views the park has to offer.

"I call it the bungee cord park," said Ratzlaff, "Once they experience it, it just keeps pulling them back! But we have to open that door, and the governor is the perfect person to do it. That's why I was excited when I heard about it and thought, 'Oh, he's going and maybe we can piggyback and do a little Glacier promotion as well.'"

"We just want people in New York to know that Montana is still the greatest place in the world to vacation with your family,"

Governor Schweitzer will be making a television appearance on David Letterman's show on Wednesday, April 25th.