Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is bringing a taste of the Big Sky Country to the Big Apple this week.

The governor is promoting a new non-stop flight from New Jersey to Bozeman.

Schweitzer spent Tuesday in Times Square with a big rig wrapped in pictures of Montana landscapes and wildlife. He handed out 'Made in Montana? goods like bison jerky and huckleberry jam, and encouraged New Yorkers to make the trip out west.

?Even more than the $3 billion part of Montana's economy and the 25,000 people who work in the tourism industry, is that when people come to Montana and they have a look around, they get to thinking maybe.. ?I ought to move my business here, this would be a wonderful place to start a business and raise a family??, and they've got that right,? Schweitzer said.

Wednesday night Governor Schweitzer will appear on the Late Show with David Letterman.

United Airlines non-stop flight from Newark, NJ to Bozeman begins June 9th.