BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A Gallatin County man will be honored in Washington D.C. for developing a CPR course.

"Gallatin Heart Rescue is a bystander CPR program based on American Heart Association's Friends and Family. And what we've done is begun a program here, unique to Gallatin County. It's not anywhere else in the country right now at all like this," said Kevin Lauer, the Assistant Fire Chief for the Gallatin Gateway Fire Department, and founder of Gallatin Heart Rescue.

Gallatin Heart Rescue aims to teach anyone and everyone compression CPR that doesn't require mouth to mouth.

"So we need the bystanders of the community to come together and jump in and start doing CPR. It's been proven that for every one minute in delay of CPR being initiated, that there's a 14% decrease in survivability," said Lauer.

The course takes just forty-five minutes, and once completed Lauer says anyone can teach it to others. The goal is to reach as many people in the community as possible.

"We've committed to train 5,000 people this first year in bystander, hands only compression CPR. To date we've already trained over 1,150 people in just nine weeks, so we're well on our way," Lauer said.

For developing the program the American Ambulance Association is giving Lauer the Star of Life Award.

"I was recognized recently for this program. So I am a recipient of the Star of Life Award. I'm one of thirty-six people nationwide that is receiving this. I'm going to be going to Washington D.C. at the end of the week to receive the award and to do some educational opportunities as well as visits to Capitol Hill," he said.

Lauer said he doesn't care about being singled out for the award, his main focus is teaching as many people as possible how to save someone, whether it be a family member or complete stranger.

"I started this not for any recognition whatsoever, My reward will be the day I arrive on a scene and someone is doing compression CPR that attended one of our classes, that's going to be great and that's going to happen soon," he said.

To learn more about Gallatin Heart Rescue or sign up for a course, visit their website by clicking here.