BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Two year higher education programs are becoming more of a viable option in Montana for people with busy schedules and jobs.

"It's about expanding educational opportunities across the state of Montana, here in Bozeman and in the greater Gallatin Valley. And President Cruzado has done a magnificent job of getting a head start on this with the creation of Gallatin College Programs," said Deputy Commission for Two Year and Community College Education, John Cech.

The Gallatin College Programs offer short-term workforce degrees and help build skills for four year colleges.

Wednesday afternoon at MSU, two listening sessions were offered to provide information on the Gallatin College Programs.

"To really extend the comprehensive two year mission to Gallatin College Programs so that at the end of the day it will really look, act and feel and respond like a comprehensive community college here in Bozeman," Cech said.

With only 35% of Montana's population holding an Associate's degree or higher, their goal is make higher education more accessible to people.

"That's what MSU is trying to do with it's growth of Gallatin College Programs here in Bozeman is to really create an entity that embodies this comprehensive two year mission but does so in a flexible way and an affordable way that really reaches out to the people in Bozeman," said Cech.

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