Flowers, candles, and mementos are placed at the site of the deadly crash on Hillview Way, to remember the two men who were lost.

?We came up to see what happened, and where it happened and to pay our respects,? said Tiffany Schwartzman.

Tiffany visited the site to remember 20-year-old Jason McDonald, who died on the scene.18-year-old Joshua Gruebele died later in the hospital. Their names remembered now, with a "j" etched in the ground with candles, close to where the car came rest.

?It?s terrible,? said Schwartzman.

The alleged driver in the crash, Justin Barber, walked into court, his injuries showing. His lawyer says he was prepared to go behind bars.

?When he was advised that he was going to be released from the hospital, he on his own initiative, contacted law enforcement and told them I'll wait here for you to pick me up,? said attorney, Milt Datsopoulos.

Investigators estimate Barber was driving at least 80 mph when he swerved off the road, rolling the car, he and his three passengers were ejected. Police say they could smell alcohol on Barber.

A tough situation for family and friends, but one Schwartzman says has an important message.

?You know, people are still doing it. They see what happens and they still do it. I don't know what it's going to take for people to wake up,? she said.