A Frenchtown family lost 20 years worth of investment when their garage and shop burned Wednesday night.

But everybody in the family is safe, thanks to heroic measures. Kittrell Mickelson can't thank Frenchtown firefighters Taylor Scholler and Jeremiah Arvish enough. The family's prized bird hunting dogs are alive.

"They were locked in their kennels in the shop as it was burning," said Kittrell, "and we had several heroes that helped save our babies."

Kittrell was the only one home when she saw the flames. She called her husband and sons. The family's prized German Short Hair Griffon Cross pups and their mother were in their kennel. The puppies were housed in a plastic igloo dog house. Their mother was next door in a regular dog house.

"The whole kennel was engulfed in flames," said Mike Mickelson, "so I went in and got the two puppies out."

Mike's son's friend, Logan Fisher, gathered up Scout, a scared pup with plastic melted into his skin. He wouldn't let go of that dog," said Kittrell.

"Then he came running around holding this puppy," she said. Wrapping her arms around the young rugby player, Kittrell told Logan, "You're a hero. You're a dog hero."

Inside the house, firefighters Scholler and Arvish pulled burning curtains from a bedroom window and tossed them outside. The family thinks that action may have saved their house.

Mike said the young firefighters saved his precious mother dog, Tish. She was going to burn to death.

Mike said he turned the hose on Tish's burning dog house, and poured water on himself too. "I was ready to go in there and right at the perfect timing" Scholler and Arvish appeared around the corner.

The firefighters crawled on their knees. Scholler opened the kennel gate. But Tish was scared and cowered in the back.

"I reached in and grabbed her by her collar and dragged her out of the kennel," said Scholler, and handed her to Jer and Jer pulled her the rest of the way."

Jeremiah Arvish said Tish is a part of the family, so everybody has an attachment to their pets, so we're glad that we could help out."

Tish wasn't injured. But both puppies, Duke and Scout suffered burns. The plastic doghouse they were housed in melted into their skin.

They remain at the veterinarians, and are being treated for burns and possible lung problems because of the smoke.