Recent studies show three times more children are obese today as they were 30 years ago.

Missoula County is celebrating Unplug and Play Week by getting kids moving.

Mary McCourt leads the Missoula County Let's Move Program. Today, she and I visited Desmet School In Missoula. McCourt encouraged the youngsters to spend one hour less each day in front of a screen and enjoy all the activities Western Montana has to offer.

I had a chance to dance with the students and work on the latest hip hop moves.

Unplug and Play Week encourages families to get away from computers and televisions and spend more interactive time together.

Desmet Kitchen Director, Kim Meyer also showed me food she often makes from scratch for the students.

Desmet recently won a distinguished award from the Montana Office of Public Instruction for providing nutritious food.

Meyer says, "I have reduced the sodium. I have gone to sodium free bases when I make the soups and gravies and things. I have gone to ground turkey for some of the meats to cut some of the fats there."

Free activities are going on for Unplug and Play Week including swimming and tennis.