After a four year hiatus from coaching, former Bobcats coach Mike Kramer was named the new Idaho State Head Coach.

Kramer was fired by Montana State in 2007 after several of his former athletes were arrested on drug charges. Kramer has since filed a successful lawsuit against the school, claiming that he had been fired without cause and libeled by the school.

Kramer has been a familiar face in the Big Sky after previously leading Eastern Washington and Montana State to a combined four conference titles. The bengals have not had a lot of recent success, being exemplified by the 1-10 finish in 2010. But at today's press conference, coach Kramer seemed determined to turn his new program around.

"If I look back through Bengal football over the last 40 years," Kramer began, "the fact that we have not been outstanding or outrageous on offense gives me a reason to think that the future ahead of us, especially on offense, is truly one to behold. We will be multiple of defense in order to keep pace with our own offense. We'll always be high-flying and debonair in the kicking game."

Kramer takes over for John Zamberlin, who was fired last week after four seasons. Since being fired from MSU, Kramer held a non-coaching position at Washington State.