Florence High School Students Get A Lesson In Dance


POSTED: 4:30 AM Jan 24 2011   UPDATED: 4:36 AM Jan 24 2011

Florence High School administrators haven't been too happy with students' favorite dance moves at school functions.

The students liked grinding, which is as suggestive as it sounds. To keep them from grinding away at the upcoming prom, the school did what schools do and taught students some other moves.

The lessons kicked off with a few simple steps.

"Once you learn the basic steps everything else is pretty much the same,? dance instructor Laura Knaff said. ?You just need to learn the turns and really if you know three moves you can have a lot of fun on the dance floor.?

After a little bit of practice. 200 Florence High School students were on their way to gliding instead of grinding across the dance floor.

?It's something that we don't do that often, so it's new," said student Mike Finlay.

The first dance students were introduced to was swing then salsa.

"First they're kind of confusing and hard, because I've never learned before, but it's fun," said student Ashley Eisenhauer.

School officials hope these new steps will give students more options when it comes to dancing.

"One of the big problems they were having is the fact that they didn't really know how to work with a partner in a way that was ? not very positive to me," said Andre Henson, Florence High School master of ceremonies and DJ.

Through all the confusion and excitement some students got the message.

"There's other ways to have fun with dancing and not grinding," Eisenhauer said.