Investigators are continuing to gather facts on a home explosion that occurred last week. On Sunday, friends and neighbors of John Parsons continued to mourn his death, some placing flowers and candles in his front yard. Response crews identified his body after Friday?s early morning home explosion.

?It looked like a big torch just coming from the ground,? said Joy Ortiz, who lives a couple blocks away.

?It was rather surreal. A lot of insulation was still floating down.?

The incident is the fourth home explosion in the last couple years. Back in 2010, a Northwestern Energy worker was killed in a gas explosion at a Columbia Falls home, and last February, no one was home when a broken gas line sparked a massive blast at a house in Whitefish. Fire Chief Tom Kennelly said the incident was a good reminder to pay close attention to odors.

?It?s a good picture for the public to see,? said Kennelly. ?If you do smell gas in your home, to call emergency services right away.?

Last October, a gas leak reportedly caused an explosion in Southwest Kalispell. No one was injured, but it startled several neighbors.

?The whole side of the house was laying on my fence,? said Kalispell resident Priscilla King.

On Sunday, the investigation into this recent blast was still ongoing, and Flathead officials have yet to release an official cause.