Deputies in the Flathead Valley are on alert for David Burgert after Missoula deputies say they aren?t sure of his whereabouts.

Burgert has a history of criminal activity. The Flathead County Sheriff?s office and the Kalispell Police Department say they know him as a dangerous man with extreme, right wing views that look to denounce government authority. In 2002, they discovered a hit list of government officials he hoped to assasinate. Officials say Burgert was the ring leader for Project 7 which was a militia and was discovered to be housing illegal arms, pipe bombs, and the hit list.

Monday, Flathead County deputies visited his former home on Tumble Creek Road. His ex-wife still lives there. They wanted to know if she knew where he might go. She wouldn't talk to us. Neighbors declined to go on camera, but they did describe Burgert as a violent man.