WOODS BAY, Mont. -

Many in the Flathead are waiting in anticipation for peak cherry season. NBC Montana stopped by local orchards to see what was blooming on Wednesday afternoon.

Rows and rows of cherry trees greet drivers as they make their way down Highway 35 near Bigfork. Some were even still in bloom with their distinctive white flowers slowly falling from the branches. One grower tells us the trees quickly lose their blossoms in preparation for the actual trees to start growing.

"You know, if you blink your eyes too many times you'll miss it! So its good to just be out in the orchard wandering around and appreciating the cherry blossoms when they're here," said Scott Roskam of Lake Retreat Orchard. "Don't wait a week or they may not be as good!"

Orchard owners tell us they'll start picking cherries in late July. Until then, cherry enthusiasts can celebrate the fruit at the annual Flathead Lake Cherry Blossom Festival in Yellow Bay this Saturday, May 19th.