BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Ziegler family told fire fighters their smoke detectors woke them around 5 am. The two parents and 7 year-old twin boy and girl made it safely out before calling for help.

When the eight fire departments arrived on scene, they say the house was engulfed in flames.

And, they said, extinguishing it was difficult.

"Access was difficult- a long, narrow driveway up to the house" said Central Valley Fire Captain John Culbertson, adding "our water supply was challenging because there was no hydrants in the area."

With no hydrants, fire fighters had to create a make-shift pool and used water tenders to fill it up. They also pulled water from a nearby pond.

But then, other issues- the roof collapsed in on the house.

"The extent of the fire didn't allow us to fight the fire from the inside of the house" Capt. Culbertson said. "So it was a defensive operation, which means that we stayed outside and fought the fire and that was because of safety issues."

They called in excavators to help clear out debris, so investigators could get inside and figure out just how a fire of this magnitude started.

Capt. Culbertson said the Zieglers told him the fire started in the garage.

"Once we get some of these hotspots out" Capt. Culbertson said, the investigators are "going to start their full investigation on the origin and the cause of the fire."

The family lost everything in the fire, but Capt. Culbertson said thankfully, everyone was ok.

"The family is fine. They were alerted by a working smoke detector- that's how they got out" he said. "So, they were very fortunate to have a working smoke detector in the house and we remind everybody out there to make sure their smoke detectors are working- check them frequently."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Friends of the family say they are in need of clothing and other items, and are taking monetary donations to help the Zeigler family.

Money donations can be deposited in the Ziegler Family Relief Fund at any First Security Bank branch.

To donate clothing, you can email The sizes needed are as follows:

The father, Steve, wears 34/32 pants, XL shirts, and size 11 shoes.

Mother, Stacey, wears size 8 pants, medium shirts and 10 1/2 in shoes.

For the children- 7 year-old Zach wears size 10 in kids clothing, and size 3 shoes. Twin sister Maddie wears size 7 in clothing and 1 in shoes.