BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Pictures capture memories of Megan Petersen's life. She liked to hang out with friends and watch movies with mom.

She turned 20 last July.

"Megan was having a really fun day on the river with her friends, celebrating her birthday" said K.C. McLaughlin, a citizen volunteer with the Gallatin Valley DUI Task Force.

But Megan had been drinking.

"She chose to be the one to drive" McLaughlin said. "Got a ride up the river to get her car and was coming down."

Megan never made it home.

She got behind the wheel after drinking and collided head-on with a truck. She was killed instantly.

Devastated, Megan's family set out to prevent others from living their horror.

"The idea for the car- the actual car being given to the community to raise awareness- was Megan's mom's idea" McLaughlin said, of the project she would help Megan's family undertake to put the car on display for public viewing.

Megan's parents teamed up with the DUI task forces in Gallatin and Madison counties to create the haunting display.

The heap of metal is accompanied by two signs on each side with Megan's picture and a description of what happened.

The idea is to tell their daughter's story, and raise awareness about drinking and driving.

"My hope for this car is that it saves a life" McLaughlin said. "That a friend sees another friend wanting to drive, and says, 'Oh my gosh, don't you remember that car, that could happen to you.' And takes the keys, gets an alternate route."

For now the car's home is at the Law and Justice Center in Bozeman. McLaughlin said they'll display it at community events where drinking is involved.

The car's first appearance was at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds during Beerfest and McLaughlin said they'll bring it out during the spring high school rodeo.

And, she hopes, the car will be hosted at different locations around town.

"Anything this car would be helpful for to save a life, let's do it" McLaughlin said. "I hope it prevents a whole lot of drinking and driving."

The simple hope- other parents will have more than just pictures to remember their child.