BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Fish Wildlife and Parks has taken the next step toward developing a recreation plan for the Madison River.

The Madison is one of Montana's most popular and busiest rivers.

It's one of the rivers that makes up the head waters of the Missouri River, running 133 miles from the Wyoming state line to Three Forks, west of Bozeman.

Fly fishing, whitewater rafting and floating are all popular activities on the Madison.

Fish Wildlife and Parks announced they've picked seven individuals from across Montana to serve on the Madison River Citizen Advisory Committee.

The group is tasked with coming up with recommendations for managing recreation on the river.

They'll be considering everything from biology to congestion on the river and conflicts between user groups.

With only seven members, some say they'll have to represent a variety of interests.

"You scratch an outfitter who fishes and they're a fisherman underneath so, I've used it for both purposes. We just want to make sure that both sides are balanced- the commercial and the non-commercial part. My experience in doing that for other groups and other rivers, I'll bring to the table and try to make it work here," says outfitter and Citizen Advisory Member Robin Cunningham.

Representatives with FWP say their management plan will guide future decisions with the goal of providing quality recreation for a diverse group of interests while still protecting the river's resources.

According to the FWP, the planning process will take place throughout 2012 with a final plan adopted in 2013.

The public will be included in the planning process.

The first meeting of the MCAC is scheduled for 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on May 30 at FWP Region 3 Headquarters in Bozeman.

The public is welcome to attend.