BUTTE, Mont. -

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and the Butte Exchange Club has activities set up throughout the month to honor the cause.

Past president Cindi Farrar said the Exchange Club is determined to impact the Butte-Silver Bow community.

She said awareness is the first step to prevention.

"Ideally in the month of April our goal would be to eliminate the committee of child abuse prevention and if that's not possible and I know it's probably not a reality then if we could just help one child then we'll have accomplished something and it's worth that," Farrar said.

The Club hung blue ribbons on trees outside the Butte-Silver Bow courthouse to represent all of the cases of abuse in the county over the last year.

Farrar said although the month is dedicated to the cause communities should focus on the prevention of child abuse year round.

"Just because it's our national project doesn't mean we just focus on April we are passionate about children and the prevention of child abuse. 3.2 million cases in the United States this past year were reported and we have a foundation that specifically addresses the problem," Farrar said.

The Exchange Club is also inviting the community to participate in ?Blue Mondays? for the full month of April.

On Monday, they are asking folks to wear blue in honor of the cause.

?Believe in Blue? is a national Exchange Club event which is an effort to reach out to families with positive parenting tips.

Butte?s ?Believe in Butte? event will take place at Butte Plaza on Sat., April 14th.

According to the Butte Exchange Club, Butte-Silver Bow county received 328 reports of child abuse and neglect in 2011 and confirmed cases in 27 households.