BOZEMAN, Mont. -

To honor Earth Day it's Green Week in Bozeman and on Thursday owners of electric cars showed off their rides at Montana State University.

"We're looking to show people that you can actually purchase electric cars now and drive them around and they're alternative to a regular internal combustion engine," said Todd Kaiser, the owner of an all electric Nissan Leaf.

All the cars on display were 100% electric.

"My car is totally run off battery so I drive it all day, plug it in at night and it's ready to go the next morning. And all the energy is coming from electrical energy. It costs me about three cents per mile, compared to a thirty mile-per-gallon car would be about ten or fifteen cents per mile," Kaiser said.

While there are several benefits to an electric car, like zero emissions, Kaiser said there are some drawbacks as well. His car when fully charged can travel up to eighty miles, so a trip to somewhere like Missoula isn't possible on one charge.

"It's not really designed for a long road trip like that. So it's more designed for a community-type driving car," he said.

Kaiser said many people wonder if the savings he sees in not paying for gas is evened out by how much the electricity to charge the car costs. He's kept a seperate electricity meter for his car charge to monitor how much it has cost. He says since November he's spent about $90 to charge up his car.