BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Five team members, three questions and three goals.

"By the time we leave, the community will have established priorities. They will have identified champions, you know, who's going to do what, and there will be a timeline for getting these things done," says Montana Economic Developers Association coordinator Gloria O'Rourke.

The team asked a cross-section of 100 community members what they love about Belgrade, what problems and challenges face the community and what vision they see for the city in the future.

MEDA coordinators say, above all, residents believe they live in a great community.

"Mostly, they said, Belgrade is a great place that is friendly and invested," says O'Rourke.

The team identified several challenges, the biggest being a concern that Bozeman overshadows Belgrade. Yet, city officials say traffic is a hurdle for residents, too.

"We have tons of traffic on main street which, I think deters people from coming downtown because the traffic is so heavy," says Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Debra Youngberg.

However, MEDA coordinators say Belgrade has the opportunity to use challenges like transportation and their proximity to Bozeman to their advantage.

"So often, what is a problem can also be looked on as a strength like, look at their closeness to Bozeman. It can be, 'people go to Bozeman to work and shop and then they come here,' but that's also a strength, in that you've got a population in Bozeman that could also come to Belgrade," says O'Rourke.

City officials say they agree.

"You can't be something you're not. We're never going to be a major retail outlet so, why not build on what we have and we've tried to do that. We're a service industry and we do that very well. We're also an agricultural hub. We have all the implement dealers are out here, a lot of the ag businesses are out here and so, why not build on that?" says Youngberg.

MEDA is expected to release their full report the first week in April.