Kalispell's Eagle Transit is rolling out new bus routes, and it's happened three months ahead of schedule. The city bus expanded its route to include parts of Evergreen as well as additional stops near the shopping centers past Flathead Valley Community College on Route 93 North.

Company officials say more people are riding in just the last two days alone. Program manager Dave Polansky says he couldn't have put the routes in effect without the help of his drivers and office staff.

The routes, he says, have been very successful - "Just small kinks to work out. We want to make sure we provide an on time service so we know that we're going to have to make adjustments. It's only an increase of about 8 minutes per loop so we're excited about that."

Eagle Transit employees have a busy summer ahead as they ready their Going to the Sun Road shuttles for Glacier National Park guests.

For more information on bus routes, visit Eagle Transit's website.