The man accused of driving in a deadly weekend car crash in Missoula appeared in court today. 21-year-old Justin Barber faces three felony charges for the death of two young men and the serious injuries of another.

Police say Barber admitted he was driving too fast, when his car drove off a south Missoula residential street, and rolled down the embankment.

Investigators estimate he was going at least 80 miles per hour. They say alcohol and speed were factors in the accident.

Today, the judge left Barber's bail at $500,000.

His lawyer told the judge Barber turned himself over to police.

?When he was advised that he was going to be released from the hospital, he on his own initiative, contacted law enforcement and told them I'll wait here for you to pick me up,? said attorney, Milt Datsopoulos.

Datsopoulos said he would like to renegotiate the bail in a hearing, after he?s had time to talk with Barber.

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