BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Ryan Olson owns Tarantino's, a Downtown Bozeman pizzeria he opened five years ago.

"Two years ago, we started doing delivery out of the Downtown store" he said. "Over the two years, it progressively got busier and busier."

So busy, he said, their space became too small to handle it all so they expanded to a second location.

This one's on North 7th Avenue. It's a bigger space, with a different atmosphere.

"If you are Downtown, you want a quick bite to eat- that's a good location. If you want to sit down, watch the game on TV, have a beer or something- this is the place that you'd want to come" Olson said, explaining the differences.

The new location also has more of a family-friendly vibe with an arcade room filled with video games, a carousel, and Skee Ball machines.

And Tarantino's isn't the only Downtown business taking a leap into other parts of Bozeman.

Schnee's opened a store on 19th Avenue last month, and they plan to expand to a bigger Downtown location.

La Tinga owners Alba and Curt Jeffries are in the process of building a third restaurant on Baxter Lane, after opening a second in Billings.

"We're real excited about our move" Curt said. "We're real excited to be able to serve some people on the other side of town."

Olson said being able to have business in Downtown Bozeman made a real difference in ensuring his success.

"Being Downtown allowed us to establish our pizza, our reputation, and now we're able to grow into other places" he said.

And while not every business makes in on Main Street, Jeffries said it was a perfect place for them to establish their restaurant.

"This is definitely a great place to start" he said. "People know your name, they get to know your product and if you build it they will come."

Tarantino's Pizzeria is hosting an official grand opening in June.

In a few weeks, Schnee's moves to their new Downtown location.

La Tinga plans to open their new restaurant early next year.