BOZEMAN, Mont. -

It's something all commissioners agree upon- the need for a hotel in downtown Bozeman.

Now that negotiations are underway for the sale of the Armory for use as a hotel, some commissioners say their work is done.

"They've actually put money down and spent money on the site so, they're actually putting money where their RFQ is," says Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss.

Krauss says he wants to stop reviewing Requests for Qualifications for the city-owned Carnegie lot.

"We have a number of private parcels in play for a hotel and what's happening now with city getting involved in the real estate business is, we're sort of a drag on the individual initiative of the private sector because they're looking over their shoulder, wondering what the city is going to do," says Krauss.

Yet, Mayor Sean Becker disagrees.

"We're not going to halt the process at this point. We're actually just going to ask the advisory board that is considering the RFQ's for the city-owned property to also consider the Armory project in their deliberations, knowing that they can't have both," says Becker.

Other commissioners agree and say it's premature to stop review of RFQ's before a developer officially owns the Armory property.

Nevertheless, commissioners on both sides of the issue insist their hope was always to have a hotel built on private land.

"Those parking spaces are used every day. A lot of businesses have come to rely on that surface parking for their day to day work and we want to make sure that their customers and those businesses still feel exceptionally served by the city and parking district throughout this whole process," says Mayor Becker.