The 2011 Montana legislature will be taking up changes to the Montana Medical Marijuana Act voters passed in 2004.

Demonstrators held signs in Missoula today, saying "Leave medical marijuana alone' and 'Don't take our medicine from us.' They warn the legislative bill could double fees for patients, limit caregivers' service, charge a $10,000 fee to dispensaries, and set other restrictions.

About the law voters passed, cancer patient, Gary Songhurst says: "It's no different than any other law passed by the people. It needs to be left alone."

Demonstrator Perry Penfield comments: "I would have to say the legislation is going to end up taking a lot of people's rights for medication away. It's going to cost them more money and it's going to raise the price of their medicine due to the new law."

Here is the list of changes written by the Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee to be considered in the 2011 legislature:

-establishing a regulatory system that will license and inspect individuals and businesses that grow and provide medical marijuana -allowing the creation of medical marijuana dispensaries -placing a ceiling on the amount of marijuana that may be dispensed to a person each month -requiring people to be Montana residents in order to use medical marijuana -spelling out the standard of care physicians are expected to meet in certifying that a patient qualifies for medical marijuana use -prohibiting any financial relationships between physicians and the businesses or individuals who provide medical marijuana -prohibiting use of medical marijuana in public -repealing a legal defense available to people who may be in possession of marijuana without a registry card or in amounts greater than allowed by law.

Click play below to hear more comments from demonstrators in Missoula today.