BUTTE, Mont. -

63-year-old Marcia Leonard, a Butte resident, said she was shocked and disgusted when she walked outside her complex to see toilet paper and sewage coming out of her building.

"It's nauseous, it?s a distinct odor, because you can't mistake feces," Leonard said.

Leonard lives in a four-plex apartment building on W. Silver St. in uptown Butte.

She said she contacted the health department and her property managers to alert them to the issue.

Butte-Silver Bow Health Department officials said unfortunately raw sewage leaks do happen and need to be handled immediately because it's a health hazard.

"Any type of raw sewage can contain bacteria or viruses or things like that so if people were to get it on their clothing or somehow ingest especially there can be some health concerns," Butte-Silver Bow Assistant Health Director Dan Powers said.

Powers said even though leaks are common in Butte it is rare to see spilling outside a residence and that only happens once or twice a year.

Silver-Bow Property Management manages the building and Chief Executive Officer Robert Edwards said they responded quickly and contracted a company to fix the pipes.

"I don't know what we could have possibly done to address this matter quicker or better in any way. It is what it is these things happen and they tackled it as soon as possible," Edwards said.

Crews said they have been working feverishly since Monday.

They said as of Wednesday afternoon they hit a bit of a clog, but hope to be done soon.

Edwards said they manage around 400 homes in Butte and a lot of them are around 100-years-old like Leonard's building. Therefore, it's not a matter of if these things happen, but when.

"Butte's not getting younger it's getting older, but there has to be some pride and some concern from the owners of these buildings to not have happen what just happened here," Leonard said.