BUTTE, Mont. -

The Butte Natural Resource Damage Restoration Council wants the community to know it's last call.

After Friday, April 20th, they're done taking proposals on how to spend the $32 million slated for water cleanup projects.

"We feel like we have one chance to really do something important and do something with this money that won't get done any other way," BNRC Chair Elizabeth Erickson said.

The nine member council is in charge of choosing projects that restore ground and surface water around the mining city.

So far the council said they have received 36 proposals.

Pat Cunneen with Butte's Natural Resource Damage Program said every idea they've received is important.

"This fund is basically $32 million and we probably got $100 million worth of good ideas," Cunneen said.

But council members said they can't do every project and have been working hard to find the best bang for their buck.

That means looking at cleaning up areas that will have the biggest impact on the community and putting them at the top of the list like local creeks.

In the historical flood plain of Silver Bow Creek there is still so much copper left over in the tailings it can even turn bones blue. According to Cunneen, blue bones can be found all around Silver Bow Creek. He considers them physical evidence of toxins left behind from mining waste.

The council is also looking at the old Parrot Smelter site just east of the Civic Center.

Results from a recent test showed the ground water in the Parrot tailings contain more contamination then the water in the Berkley Pit.

"Until they are removed that threat remains and that's more than just our lifetime, that's our children's, and our children's, children's that that will always be a threat," Cunneen said.

Erickson said the council has a big task ahead of them and want to make sure they pick the projects that impact Butte the most.