Missoula City Council's Public Safety and Health Committee is taking another look at cell phone restrictions.

The city's code currently prohibits texting while driving, but doesn't include restrictions for talking and driving. Councilman Dave Strohmaier wants the city to discuss the topic again and possibly revise the ordinance, but not everyone is on board.

"I think talking on cell phones while driving would be extremely difficult to enforce. I've done a ride along with the police department and believe me, they don't have time to look for people talking on cell phones and driving,? said councilmember Adam Hertz.

?I constantly see people on their cell phones while they're driving... And I constantly see them either running a red light, not coming to a full stop, or not paying attention what they're doing and I do think it?s a problem,? said member Jon Wilkins. Missoula banned texting and driving in 2009, but does not have a ban on talking and driving. The committee plans to continue their discussion next week with formal presentations from community members. Many committee members voiced that they would like to see hands-free devices allowed if the city follows through with restrictions.

Several other Montana cities already have ordinances in place. Last year Butte passed a ban on hand held electronics. Helena, Whitefish and Bozeman also recently banned handheld devices.