BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Capital Improvement Planning Committee singled out two major projects Tuesday to the Gallatin County Commission they believe should be a priority for fiscal year 2013.

"We review all capital improvement projects proposed by county elected officials or county representatives, department heads. The Capital Improvement Planning is defined as something over $50,000 in cost to the county. Department heads and elected officials submit applications to us each year that we review and then prioritize," said Chairman of the Capital Improvement Planning Committee David Weaver.

Before the Planning Committee picks a project they look at how things like its overall cost and how it might affect public safety.

The Committee pointed out two major projects that they think the County Commission should make top priority.

"The development of a new Law and Justice Center and joint sheriff and police department. And then secondly some work that needs to be done on the Judge Gunther Memorial Building which is the county office where the county attorney and court services are located to provide some additional security in those buildings and then to help bring that building into ADA compliance," Weaver said.

Rough estimates put the price tag of the new Law and Justice Center and joint sheriff and police departments at $80 million.

Improvements to the Judge Gunther Memorial Building have an estimated cost of $250,000.