BUTTE, Mont. -

The Butte-Silver Bow council of commissioners are promising to keep a closer eye on the budget after it turns out they approved the 2012 budget without realizing some employees were going to receive higher pay raises than everyone else.

"We were not aware of the other increases and it does leave open a door that we really need to close we need to make sure were are completely understanding each other," council commissioner, Sheryl Ralph said.

Ralph said the commissioners asked officials during a meeting last fall if everyone, meaning all Butte-Silver Bow employees, was going to receive the same 1.6 percent pay raise.

She said officials said "yes."

Jeff Amerman, the director of finance and budget said the council secretary has since reviewed meeting tapes and never found where the question was asked and answered in the way some commissioners claim.

Amerman maintains no one mislead the commissioners.

"I think it was someone just had a perspective one way and somebody had a perspective another," Amerman said. "Nothing was intentional in this misunderstanding."

According to Amerman, the pay raises came after a compensation study was done.

Employees who received the extra pay raise is what the study said they should have.

Amerman said the raises were the right thing to do.

"It just seems unfair to those employees that they were called out when all this was a salary adjustment, salary corrections," Amerman said.

Now the council of commissioners say they want to be more proactive when the budget is being worked out.

Ralph said they want more time and opportunity to scrutinize over the proposals.

"We will have a lot more time to review the budget and also going to be meeting with different department heads to find out why they need what they need," Ralph said.

According to Amerman, the commissioners will receive a copy of the preliminary budget for 2013 in July.

The budget is due in early Sept.