A cold snap last week nipped at least some of Western Montana's fruit in the bud. The superintendent of the Western Agricultural Research Center in Corvallis said temperatures got down to 23 degrees for six hours.

Mal Westcott said at least some apple orchards in the Bitterroot suffered severe fruit loss. In Missoula, temperatures were less severe.

But it was cold enough for serious damage. The Ten Spoon Vineyard in Missoula grows grapes for its own wine. 26 degree temperatures last Thursday night and early Friday morning took a toll.

"We got hit," said manager Casey Louis. "We definitely got hit and its at least a 25 percent loss."

Vineyard manager Louis said certain spots in the vineyard were harder hit than others. "It's just the primary buds that got zapped and we'll get secondary and third buds," he said."But those aren't as fruitful."

Seth Swanson is a horticulturist with the Missoula County Extension Service. "This freeze did cause damage, but it's really on a case by case basis," said Swanson.

He said blossoms that were hit may have been in a more vulnerable stage of development.

He said some trees are in pockets that may be better protected from the weather.