BOZEMAN, Mont. -

City Commissioners voted unanimously to keep fluoride in Bozeman's drinking water.

At least 60 people turned out to comment both for and against fluoride at the city commission, Monday night.

Some opposed to fluoride argue that it's a toxin and can cause health problems for those who drink it, while those in favor say it's necessary to keep kids' teeth healthy.

Some commissioners say they understand both perspectives.

"On the "for-fluoride" side, I think I saw every dentist I've ever gone to or my family's gone to and pediatricians and nurse practitioners and I just think those are the people that live here and work here and those are the people you have to listen to, the people that are there every day on the front lines, protecting the health of the community," says Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss.

Residents involved in Fluoride-Free Bozeman, say the fight is not over yet.

They say they're circulating a petition to get the issue on the ballot, come November, so that the people of Bozeman can decide whether or not to keep fluoride in the city's drinking water.