BUTTE, Mont. -

Since former City Court Judge Steve Kambich resigned and pleaded guilty to bribery the Butte-Silver Bow legal system has been forced to play catch up to clear up cases during Kambich's time in office.

Some cases have had to be dismissed.

According to Butte-Silver Bow Deputy County Attorney Samm Cox about 20 cases have been dismissed.

By law suspects need to be tried within six months of being charged.

Cox said some of those cases include partner family member assault and aggravated DUI.

According to Cox the county attorney's office filed two separate motions in city court to look over a total of about 160 cases.

Interim City Court Judge Daniel Sweeney said about 38 of Cox's list of 150 cases are in jeopardy of being dismissed.

Judge Sweeney said his office is working hard to make sure every case is handled.

"I don't think somebody who has charges during the time that Judge Kambich was sitting here should not have to face those charges," Judge Sweeney said.

Sweeney said his staff has been forced to take on quite the work load handling all their current cases and also working on getting in past cases so they are not dismissed.

"I could have come in and dismissed all of those cases and some judges in other jurisdictions have done that when they've taken over start over with a clean slate that has not been my intention I've been trying my hardest to set these matters, because I think that's fair to everybody concerned," Judge Sweeney said.

Butte-Silver Bow City Court handles about 3,000 cases a year.

Kambich pleaded guilty to bribery in January and was sentenced to serving five-years probation, pay a $5,000 restitution fine, and complete 200 hours of community service.

Kambich admitted to taking more than $13,000 in at least 10 court cases between 2008 and 2009.