Whitefish is becoming an even bigger attraction for Canadian visitors - that's because a large number of properties are up for sale, prompting our neighbors to the north to invest in real estate.

Dean & Leninger real estate broker Doug Zignego explains - "The prices are down to 2004 levels and the Canadian dollar is very strong. I think that has encouraged Canadians to come down and fulfill a dream they've had of maybe buying a piece of Whitefish."

The median price of a Whitefish home in 2011 was $242,000. Albertan Brett Bliss says he couldn't pass up the price on a "fixer-upper" condo on Big Mountain.

"I happened to see this one which is a foreclosure and it sort of caught my eye due to the price alone," explained Bliss. He also says Montana has great prices, "It is substantially cheaper and so that's one of the draws."

Bliss paid $49,000 for his place in Ptarmigan Village, and said it wasn't hard to take the plunge.

"A lot of correspondence was via email and I even signed the documents electronically as well so everything went seamless."

Zignego says in the last six months alone, Canadians have contributed 15-20% of all property sales.

"That's a significant amount," Zignego continued, "That's one-fifth of our sales going to Canadian buyers so it's very important to us and it's part of keeping our economy going down here."

With a ski resort five minutes up the mountain as well as Glacier National Park a stone's throw away, the beauty and price of Whitefish in the current economy proves to be a winning combo for Brent and his fellow Canadians.

"It's neat because there's another country and it's only, you know, like 3 hours away from us," said Bliss, "So far I'm enjoying my time here. Every time we come here we have a good time so we're just looking forward to spending more time here and making it a semi-permanent part of our lives."

Doug Zignego says there are multiple listings available at the Northwest Montana Association of Realtors website.