BUTTE, Mont. -

An over 100-year-old historical landmark in Butte has been under repair for the last two-months.

Once the home of a copper king's son Charles Clark, the Clark Chateau is now the home of the Butte Arts Foundation and recently underwent some important repairs.

Gretchen Miller the director of the arts foundation said she came in to work one morning and heard water dripping inside the walls.

Turns out a pipe rusted through and started to leak resulting in a flood on the bottom floor of the home.

Miller said at first she was afraid of what kind of repairs the building would need due to the age of the building and that it has all original piping.

But with the help of the city everything is back on track.

The pipe has been repaired and work is near completion.

"The repairs are right on schedule and we're excited,? Miller said. ?We're going to paint the walls and we're going to be opening up the doors and so the chateau will be open for the summer season and all of the art walks and we have some great shows already."

The Butte Arts Foundation plans to open up the Clark Chateau in time for the art walk on May 3rd.