BUTTE, Mont. -

Community leaders in the Mining City announced they've noticed an alarming increase in prescription drug abuse in teens and community members as young as 13 years old.

Butte law enforcement said it's turning into serious problem.

Law enforcement officials explained teens are hosting "fish bowl" parties where drugs are thrown into a bowl and kids simply reach in and grab them at times not even knowing what they're taking.

Law enforcement along with health officials and Butte schools are teaming up to host public meetings.

During the meetings experts will discuss how to recognize the drugs, signs and symptoms of use.

They will also talk to community members about how to take an active role in putting a stop to the supply in the community.

The health alert concerns the following increases and all will be discussed in the meetings; serious increase in prescriptive drug use, ecstasy, ?fish bowl? parties resulting in hospitalization, addictions, health problems, criminal activity, theft, break-ins, and aggressive behaviors.

The meetings will take place at the Butte Archives at 5:45 p.m. on Monday April 23 and Wednesday April 25.