BUTTE, Mont. -

Nothing but gravel and pigeons are left on the site that used to be home to the Greek Café building on Park Street.

Community members believe the empty lot is an eye sore and they want to see it changed.

Mark Reavis, a local architect and business owner said he fought to keep the building from being torn down and wants to see something done with the site.

"It's kind of a blight right now, a vacant lot I felt there has to be an enhancement to heal the site," Reavis said.

Local leaders are giving folks a chance to develop the lot and two have come forward with unique plans.

"Having something new in an old part of town gives people the ability to experience something exciting in uptown Butte," Jerry Tam a Butte native said.

Tam recently moved back after working as a fashion designer in New York City.

He said wants to use his knowledge of museums and art to develop a five-story museum incorporating local and modern art with historical artifacts.

"It?s a great location for my vision to and the vision is truly a world class museum a world class beckon to commemorate and memorialize Butte's mining community," Tam said.

Reavis envisions an historic interpretive park at the site.

He believes an interpretive park would serve as a gateway that would invite tourists to get out and explore uptown.

"We're an uptown business that wants to promote and invite people to the uptown area to experience it. So it's a positive thing that will tell the history of Butte," Reavis said.

Both proposals will be presented on Wed. May 23 during the regular council of commissioners meeting.

The public will have an opportunity to comment on the proposals during the meeting.

Then the developers packet committee will make recommendations to the commissioners.

In the end it will be up to the council of commissioners to decide what will go in the vacant lot of the Greek Cafe.

Commissioners meet at 7:30 p.m. up at the courthouse.