BOZEMAN, Mont. -

"This is our common area, living room slash dining room" Heather Grenier said, on a tour of the Amos House.

Grenier is the Chief Operations Officer with the HRDC, the organization that owns Amos House.

It's a resource they've spent the past year trying to re-open.

"Amos House originally was a soup kitchen and shelter, and funding was challenging" Grenier said.

Lack of funding caused the former soup kitchen slash shelter to close its doors in June of 2011.

The HRDC went to work opening a new shelter and place to eat- the Warming Center and Community Café.

But Grenier said there was still something missing.

"There was still a significant gap in the housing continuum in the area of transitional housing" she said.

Homeless people who are looking for work or saving up money can stay at the Amos House for up to 6 months.

During that time, they'll work with a case manager to get back on their feet.

"They meet with that case manager daily, accomplish work toward their goals- the interim and long-term goals that they map out" she said. "so, mainly working towards employment and working towards permanent housing."

Right now only men can stay at the Amos House, but Grenier said they're hoping to secure more funds to build a second structure house's backyard that would house women.

And, they'd create an office for an on-site manager.

They hope to begin building in june, and have the project complete by the fall.

"By October, hopefully we'll be fully open, up and running" she said.

Amos House will cost around $60,000 a year to operate.

Grenier said the HRDC received three grants to help build the expansion and keep the house running, but they have to make a 100 percent match for two of the grants.

The HRDC needs to raise over $40,000. To find out how you can help out, you can visit the HRDC website by clicking here.