BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Bozeman school officials say they're going to use insurance money to continue roof repairs.

Officials say a hail storm damaged roofs on the High school, Whittier, Irving, Hawthorne and Longfellow.

They will continue repairs on the high school in addition to fixing Irving and Hawthorne's roofs.

Officials say they expect to spend about one and a half million dollars this summer with most of that money going towards the high school.

"A number of our roofs were very old and to allow them to be covered by insurance, as opposed to local tax dollars, is really helping out the local tax-paying community as part of this so, unfortunate circumstance but it does have its positive side," says Assistant Facilities Director for Bozeman Schools Kevin Barre.

Barre says the rest of the money will come from their building reserve to upgrade insulation for energy conservation.

Work is set to begin as soon as school is out for the summer.

Repairs on the high school gym roof could last up until September.