BOZEMAN, Mont. -

The Bozeman School Board is looking at ways to increase its use of social media tools like Facebook, and could expand that authority to students.

A research group appointed by the board spent six months studying social media use in other schools, and how it impacts learning opportunities.

During the board's Monday night meeting, the group presented their findings, and the board discussed steps forward.

The group found that ethical, limited and supervised usage of programs like Skype, Facebook and Twitter can be a benefit in the classroom.

As of right now, those websites are blocked on school computers, except for a few specific classes, Superintendent Kirk Miller said.

But that could open up to every class. The district would come up with a training program for teachers on how to utilize the sites as educational tools.

Miller also said they'll also expand the district's use of the sites as well.

"So what the policy actually does is allow the use for anybody within the environment" Miller said. "It will allow the school district themselves to use different types of social media out there to get messaging out, and again in a responsible kind of way."

The school board is expected to make a final decision on the matter during their April 23rd meeting.

Miller said another aspect of the research study looked at updating the electronic policy to include how the district will facilitate the use of new technology resources like electronic textbooks.