BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Parents, teachers and Bozeman citizens voiced questions and concerns to two of the three superintendent candidates during Tuesday's informal meet and greet.

"One of the big things I wanted to know is where we're at right now with our Long-Range Strategic Plan" Hyalite Elementary School teacher Gina Franck said. "Where are they going to lead us from there."

Hyalite Elementary parent Amy Whittle's wanted to know how the candidates planned to branch out into the community.

"What kind of involvement they would bring to the school and the community" she said.

Senior Consultant Jim Warford with the International Center for Leadership and Education, and Assistant Superintendent Josh Middleton from Billings gladly answered.

"I would welcome the opportunity to be a part of this community as much as being a part of the school system" Warford said.

Middleton said he'd also heavily invest himself in Bozeman. "I do become embedded in the community and outside of school responsibilities" he said.

Attendees like Whittle said it's important to meet the candidates in person.

"I think just having a personal interaction with them gives you some kind of impression of what kind of person they are" she said.

But the afternoon's meet and greet was just the beginning.

The next step in the process was a more formal sit-down interview with school board members.

Middleton and Warford took their turns in the hot seat, and answered board trustee's questions- which ranged from why the candidates wanted to be Superintendent, to what experience they've had working with legislature.

Each told trustees why he felt he is the best for the position.

"I bring an absolute commitment to the job" Warford said.

"I think I would bring a wealth of experience to Bozeman" Middleton said.

A community responder panel made up of local parents, businesses, and school reps took notes during the interviews.

They'll give their feedback to the school board, before trustees vote on who to hire.

The third candidate, Bozeman High Principle Rob Watson will get his chance to meet the public Wednesday.

He'll go through the same process as the first two candidates, with a meet and greet followed by a school board interview.

On May 29th, the Bozeman School Board will meet to select the new superintendent.

The district hopes to have the new person in place before current Superintendent Kirk Miller leaves in July.