BOZEMAN, Mont. -

147 "likes." 195 "tweets." And 584 "followers."

In social media terms, the Bozeman Police Department's following is not too bad.

"We have to stay up with the times and the current trends, you know with Facebook and Twitter, and different social media outlets" Sergeant Travis Munter said.

He said it's a trend they're trying to embrace.

Bozeman PD has had Facebook and Twitter accounts for over a year, but just a few days ago they announced they're posting up-to-the minute information and weekly reports.

"We kind of want to put stuff out as it's happening- and when it's important, right then, to put it out" Sgt. Munter said.

It's important to keep the public informed, he said, so they'll be releasing weekly "For the Record" posts with crime, trends and city-related info.

They'll also post statistics, such as how many arrests the police made in one week or how many tickets they wrote.

"It kind of provides for an informed public" Sgt. Munter said. "It makes us a little more transparent, so people see what we do and what we spend our time on."

With millions of people logging on to Facebook everyday, local police departments are finding it's an effective tool to reach the community.

According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police's Center for Social Media, over 2,300 police agencies across the country have embraced the social media world.

Bozeman residents said Bozeman's police department jumping on board- and ramping up efforts- is a good thing for keeping the community safe and tight-knit.

"I think it's a good way to stay intact with the community and see what's going on and be aware of the new details" local Ellen Massey said.

Resident Gillian Cleary agreed, adding "I think that would access multiple generations of Bozeman residents, from high school kids to- my dad uses Facebook- so everybody's on it."

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