BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A jury awarded the Museum of the Rockies $2.3 million in a lawsuit against a Bozeman-area developer who failed to pay a promised endowment and research gift.

The jury on Thursday found Wade Dokken and his company, Ameya Preserve, liable for negligent misrepresentation, fraud and constructive fraud.

Museum officials say Dokken was the owner of Ameya Preserve, a planned upscale development. The agreement said the preserve would market dinosaur digs led by paleontologist and "Jurassic Park" consultant Jack Horner to potential buyers in exchange for a $2 million endowment and renaming Horner's position at the museum as the Ameya Preserve Curator of Paleontology.

The development failed and Dokken said he couldn't make the donation.

Dokken's attorney, David Charles, was not immediately available for comment Friday.