BOZEMAN, Mont. -

City officials are looking at removing a barricade to help the flow of traffic during construction on Eighth Avenue.

The barricade sits at the intersection of Cleveland and South sixth near MSU's campus.

According to MSU, the barricade was initially put in as a condition of closing South seventh avenue through campus.

They say residents in the neighborhood were concerned about increased traffic flow down South 6th Avenue and in 2000, the barricade was installed.

The city says planned construction on Eighth Avenue could create traffic problems and removing the barricade would allow for alternate routes. However, they say Sixth wouldn't be used as detour.

Residents who live on South Sixth are against the plan and say taking it down jeopardizes neighborhood safety.

"We have such a wonderful situation on this street and great neighbors and you see kids collect as they walk down and go to school at Irving and neighbors say 'hi' to eachother and professors on the way up the hill, that I think we we're all very protective of what has been created and I think the barricade has a lot to do with that," says South Sixth resident Heather Musselman.

City Manager Chris Kukulski says he understands.

"Citizens along it have every right to be concerned. We're not interested in Sixth becoming a thoroughfare, an arterial or a collector. It's a residential street but we'd like to hold a neighborhood meeting to talk with them about this," says Kukulski.

The city says they've installed traffic counters and is working with engineers to get an idea of how much traffic the area sees.