BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Brewies was started by a Bozeman couple who discovered you can take the byproducts of beer and turn them into dog treats.

"I knew that a lot of breweries discarded the grain so I thought, well instead of discarding it maybe they could just give it to us and we could make some dog treats out of it with that local connection," said Brewies founder and owner Meredith Leavens.

"The fact is that grain, our spent grain, for us its essentially useless. We have to get rid of it. After we've removed all the sugar from the grain we no longer have any use for it, but it's really excellent feed for any number of animals," said Bill Hyland, the head brewer at the Bozeman Brewing Company.

The idea started when Leavens and her boyfriend were brewing their own beer at home and their dog Stella began eating the grain they had used.

"So we dumped it in an empty lot by our house to compost and all of the sudden we saw a bunch of dogs over there munching on the grain. So we both kind of looked at each other and thought we better do something with this product," Leavens said.

They then turned to the Bozeman Brewing Company, which gives its spent grain to local dairy farms.

Bigger breweries typically sell their grain, but the Bozeman Brewing Company gives theirs away to the community.

"We usually have people come and pick up a bucket for their chickens and so when Meredith approached us about making dog treats with the grain, it was a no-brainer," Hyland said.

The treats are all made by hand, and are sold in Montana, Illinois, Vermont and Maine.

Despite their name, Brewies are beer and alcohol free.

"A lot of people think these treats are made of beer which is not true, its just made from the first step of making beer and we take that product that is not useful to the brewery and we upcycle into these dog teats," Leavens said.

Like their slogan says, the treats let you share a brew with your buddy.

To learn more about Brewies you can visit their website by clicking here.