BOZEMAN, Mont. -

A group of Bozeman residents turned out for a meeting Thursday night regarding a proposed construction project.

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) wanted community input on plans to rebuild College Street between Main Street and South 20th.

The drawings propose a widened street of three lanes, with a raised median that turns into a left-hand turn lane at intersections.

A new stop light would regulate traffic at the intersection of College and South 23rd Avenue.

The College and Main intersection would be four lanes with two left-hand turn lanes for traffic turning off of College and west onto Main Street.

A bike path and sidewalk currently line the south side of College, and the drawings call for expanding those features to the north side.

MDT Pre-construction Engineer Dustin Rouse said the changes primarily aim to help traffic flow, and increase safety for bikers and pedestrians.

"Currently there's congestion issues on College and the delay is unacceptable" he said. "There's long cues trying to get on to 19th, and the intent of the project is to provide some left turn bays."

Also in the works- the Farmer's Irrigation Canal that runs along the north side of College would be piped and covered so there is no open channel along the road.

Citizens had the chance to share their thoughts on the preliminary drawings.

One person asked if there would be any lighting installed, and MDT officials said they will include street lamps.

Other attendees asked about planting trees along the road, and creating narrower intersections for pedestrians. MDT speakers said they would discuss those thoughts.

According to MDT Butte District Administrator Jeff Ebert, the project will span just over half a mile and cost around $6 million. Most of the money will come from federal funds, with the rest being matched by the state.

The MDT hopes to lay out final designs by the end of 2013 and begin construction in 2014.