BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Prospective home buyers in Bozeman got a taste of the housing market on Sunday.

Prudential Real Estate in Bozeman held an "Ultimate Open House Event." Citizens could tour over 30 houses for sale in several different areas around town.

Broker Carol Lister said it's not quite a buyer's market anymore because of a decrease in foreclosures and low-priced homes.

"The amount of inventory that's out there for affordable homes- it's definitely been eaten up. And so, people are looking at new homes again" Lister said. "We're seeing more new construction. And as we progress into the economy, gaining some steam again, the mid-range and the upper-range are also starting to show."

She hoped the open house event would re-ignite enthusiasm from consumers, and portray the home-buying process as a fun event.

Lister said she had a steady flow of people tour the house she was stationed at.

One couple was measuring room dimensions and looked like they might seriously consider the purchase, while others were looking just-for-fun.

Either way, she said, making all of the houses available in one day made it more convenient for citizens, and allowed them to compare the variety of homes on the market and price points.