BOZEMAN, Mont. -

On Monday night facility officials with the city of Bozeman asked for just under $38,000 in funding to repair the Bogert pool house. The commission approved that request. They say some of the structural damage was caused by the 2009 downtown explosion.

"Based on the blast that we had downtown, it actually did some damage to the building and once we did some inspection we found out that there was some structural issues. So the commission approved what's called a tier one structural assessment of the facility," said Superintendent of Facilities James Goehrung.

The roof had become unattached from the walls.

"We had a bunch of cracks that showed up in the ceiling of the building and had some drywall repairs to do and the reason that occurred was there was actual physical movement in the building. And the bulk of that occurred where the roof attaches to the side walls," said Goehrung.

That damage, along with how the pool house was originally built in 1974, led engineers to declare the building was unsafe for people to be inside of.

"We had recommendations form the engineers that did a structural assessment that they were saying you really shouldn't have people in that building. So once we're aware of those kinds of issues and concerns we want to do what we can again to provide a safe environment for the public," Goehrung said.

Goehrung said all the repairs should be done by the end of May and the pool house will be ready for use the day the pool opens on June 23rd.