Several businesses in Belgrade want to see the downtown parking ordinance changed.

Representatives at the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce say two businesses want to eliminate over-night parking and want to see a two hour parking limit put in place.

They say the businesses complain their customers don't have a place to park. Chamber Director Debra Youngberg says the businesses, in part, blame employees who work downtown as well as apartment complex tenants who live downtown and park on the street.

Youngberg says downtown parking has been an issue for years but that there are options, like a parking lot she says is rarely full.

Representatives at the chamber say they hope the businesses will be able to work it out amongst themselves so the city council doesn't have to get involved.

"I think it's just a matter of...common courtesy with each other. If they just...number one, ask their employees not to park in front of the business but to park someplace else where they're not deterring customers from being able to park and number two, just being a little more patient and trying to educate their customers to park in the big parking lot," says Youngberg.

The Belgrade Chamber of Commerce will hold a meeting for downtown businesses on Wednesday.

If they cannot come to a resolution, the issue will be brought before the city council at their April 16th meeting.