BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Brewers and beer lovers gathered at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds for the 6th annual Montana Beer Festival.

The festivities started early for VIP guests who had the opportunity to taste-test beer and visit with brewers.

34 breweries showcased over 120 different kinds of beer.

Coordinators say you won't find many of these brews on the shelves of your local bar.

As much as it's a taster's festival, they say it's also an educational festival.

"It's for people to come and get educated about new beers, about barley and hops and the kinds of things that go along with beer. This year we have five gluten-free beers and then, I think three or four new breweries that have just popped up within the last year that people get to know about first hand for the first time," says Montana Beer Festival Partner Tate Chamberlin.